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Packaging design implementation

3D packshots

Project management

Workflow optimalisation

FroQ always delivers 100%.
We are passionately driven by our work.

FroQ is the global market leader in finalising packaging designs and implementing them to perfection. Over the years we have earned the long-term trust of the world’s leading brands, like Ahold Delhaize, Heineken, Action, METRO Group, Casino Supermarche’s, Maxeda DIY, Remia and HEMA.


FroQ operates behind the frontline of creativity. We pay full attention to the fine design and print details so brand owners and retailers can focus on what they do best: build their brands.


We are deeply committed to consistently delivering to the world’s leading brands well crafted and high-quality final artwork which is ready to print. We have more than 175 packaging specialists, who have years of experience working at design agencies, artwork studios, lithographers, producers, and retailers.

All our specialists have contemporary knowledge about design and technology. Our vast experience over the years guarantees the best results, time and time again.


We can deliver across the globe, 24/7, with offices in Amsterdam and Utrecht (The Netherlands), France, Managua (Nicaragua) and Chennai (India).


We are worldwide packaging pro’s

Are you intrigued and wish for more information regarding our company? A cup of coffee or just to be kept up to date of what is on the market?
Send a mail to Maureen Beerepoot
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Packaging design implementation

Artwork (including localization and translation)

Lithography for all types of printing techniques and printing specifications

Pre Production Meetings and press reconciliations

High-end mock-ups for presentations

File delivery and certified proofs

Printcontrole en analyses

E-content services (content and apps)

3D Packshots:
fast is the new constant.

Direct from artwork to 3D. We render high resolution rights-free and photorealistic images 3D pack shots long before the physical packaging exists. In doing so, we give marketing and communication teams the opportunity to kick off their campaigns even earlier!


In a world operating 24/7, lead times are continuously under pressure. Products are caught up in a carrousel of change and have short lives on the supermarket shelves. As a result, lead times for marketing campaigns and in-store communication are under pressure as well. Pack shots play a pivotal role in all brand communication. Traditionally, these require the product to exist, giving marketers little to no time to produce quality work.


PackshotCreators makes it possible to jump directly from artwork to 3D. Our PackshotCreators team comprises more than 30 3D specialists with an intimate understanding of the state-of-the-art hardware and software needed to transform artwork into 3D images. High resolution, rights-free and photorealistic images that can be created weeks before the finished product is available. We can deliver in any resolution you like – from website to billboard.


In addition to still images, our PackshotCreators team can design pack shot animations with an incredible attention to detail.

Our PackshotCreators are not standing still. They also make animations with an incredible eye for detail.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of 3D packshots for your brand? Mail or call with Mick de Reuver. +31 653776998

3D visualisatie

HR High-res 3D packshots directly from artwork

Big database with wireframe model

3D packshots as ‘still’ or rotating

3D packshots with animation

3D packshot compositions

3D Hero packshots

GetPact analyzes, optimises and streamlines the entire process.

GetPact is FroQ’s packaging project management agency. Our team consists of over 25 experts FTE with more than 20 years of project management experience in advising and managing companies in the packaging development. Our extensive support is often a requirement to complete the day-to-day needs of the brand.


GetPact advises, manages and facilitates a wide range of partners, including A-brands in retailers, and manufacturers. We oversee the entire packaging process – from new designs and complicated redesigns, to purchasing advice, product development and DC delivery. All to maximize our partners’ packaging impact.


GetPact associates are experts at analyzing complex processes and pinpointing and implementing optimizations. Their goal is to streamline the process and partnership in such a way that it produces the highest quality by the most efficient means – efficient in terms of quality, costs and lead times. Our experts can manage from our client’s location (full-time or part-time) or our Amsterdam office depending on the requirement of the project.

Our GetPact associates are available round the clock. GetPact is by far amongst the best in reference to quality, costs and lead time, not only on paper but we also in execution. We use the most efficient means for the highest possible return on quality. Also for special projects such as the implementation of Nutriscore or the consequences of the upcoming commodity law changes, GetPact is ready for you!

Want to analyze, implement improvements and streamline your processes? Looking for (temporary) support? Or do you just want to talk about the entire packaging chain? Call or e-mail Edward Fuchs, +31637283804 or Edward Fuchs

Project management

Daily packaging project management

Project management on location or from the GetPact office

Packaging advice

Timing, quality- and budget safeguarding

Packaging consultancy

Workflow management and process implementation

Many large retailers and premium brands use PIM every day. Simply because it works.

Packaging processes involve numerous stakeholders and can be complex. To facilitate the flow of development, we created our Product Information Management (PIM) system. We designed our workflow management system based on our many years of packaging execution experience with retailers, lithographers, design agencies, photographer and printers. It is a comprehensive system that offers daily insights into all processes and projects.


Flexible, reliable and GDPR proof, our software-as-service cloud solution is built with the latest platform technology. By giving you insight into all our processes, we can guarantee all our partners a clear way of working. Our PIM is based on a clear set of principles, namely: one source of information and one source of truth. PIM verifies beforehand instead of after the fact, enabling projects to flow seamlessly and guaranteeing results 100% of the time. Everyone is always in the know, and stakeholders are always up to speed. Many large retailers and leading brands use our PIM system daily because it works perfectly and makes their life easier.


Our PIM system is unique in the way it supports the entire packaging process – from Opco initiation, personal planning, compare tools, design, and execution to print-ready. It controls and connects the entire chain and optimizes quality, costs and lead times for every project. Our consultants are on hand to support all of your inventory and optimization needs. PIM is very user-friendly unlike the others and requires no training. It is an intuitive program designed from the perspective of the various people who use and rely on it daily.

PIM is unique because it directly supports the entire packaging process It supports, consistently monitors and controls the entire lifecycle of the processes, right from clients daily planning, design, execution and delivery, which in turn results in cost efficiency and saves on lead time. This helps with controlling costs and lead times.

Are you intrigued and wish for a PIM DEMO? Or just a conversation about workflow systems in general. Call or e-mail Edward Fuchs, +31637283804 or Edward Fuchs

Workflow optimalisation

Procesanalysis and optimalisation

Process control and a uniform working method

Project insights and overviews

Dashboard with a personal in-box

Management Raports and analysis

24/7 automation with SaaS solutions

PDF viewer with annotations and comparison options

Project planning and email notification

Resource planning


Do you require more information regarding our company? A cup of coffee or just to be kept up to date of what going on in the market?
Send an e-mail to Maureen Beerepoot
You may also give us a call at +31(0)30 247 6080!