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Unlinking Creation and Implementation.

We are ourselves, there are so many others. We take full responsibility for what we do. Our philosophy is to separate creativity from implementation so that expertise ends up in the right place. In this way, design agencies can concentrate on strategy & creation. And clients can focus on what they are good at: building their brand.

Let designs shine in implementation.

With great enthusiasm we provide high-quality implementation of beautiful designs. With a continuous focus on optimizations in our field. When we started with FroQ in 2006, we immediately started 100% digitally and started with automation and smart sourcing. That lead in combination with our knowledge and expertise has made us unique and market leader in a short time. It is up to us to let the designs shine in implementation. As brilliant, consistent and effective as possible. So you are not at the right place for design. All the more for its implementation.

Reduce production costs, increase quality and, as a bonus, a shorter lead time.

With this we place creation and implementation in their own strength. But, we are constantly looking for more: reduce production costs, increase quality and, as a bonus, a shorter lead time. By coordinating all technical aspects and details, we help you stay up-to-date and make the right decisions at the right time for your own company.


Do you require more information regarding our company? A cup of coffee or just to be kept up to date of what is on the markt?
Send a mail to Maureen Beerepoot
You may also call: 030 247 6080!