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Project management

About This Project

GetPact analyzes, optimises and streamlines the entire process.

GetPact is FroQ’s packaging project management agency. Our team consists of over 25 experts FTE with more than 20 years of project management experience in advising and managing companies in the packaging development. Our extensive support is often a requirement to complete the day-to-day needs of the brand.


GetPact advises, manages and facilitates a wide range of partners, including A-brands in retailers, and manufacturers. We oversee the entire packaging process – from new designs and complicated redesigns, to purchasing advice, product development and DC delivery. All to maximize our partners’ packaging impact.


GetPact associates are experts at analyzing complex processes and pinpointing and implementing optimizations. Their goal is to streamline the process and partnership in such a way that it produces the highest quality by the most efficient means – efficient in terms of quality, costs and lead times. Our experts can manage from our client’s location (full-time or part-time) or our Amsterdam office depending on the requirement of the project.

Our GetPact associates are available round the clock. GetPact is by far amongst the best in reference to quality, costs and lead time, not only on paper but we also in execution. We use the most efficient means for the highest possible return on quality. Also for special projects such as the implementation of Nutriscore or the consequences of the upcoming commodity law changes, GetPact is ready for you!

Want to analyze, implement improvements and streamline your processes? Looking for (temporary) support? Or do you just want to talk about the entire packaging chain? Call or e-mail Edward Fuchs, +31637283804 or Edward Fuchs

Project management

Daily packaging project management

Project management on location or from the GetPact office

Packaging advice

Timing, quality- and budget safeguarding

Packaging consultancy

Workflow management and process implementation