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The FroQ Prepress team: much more than just stunning visuals!

Author: FroQ. Published on 5 March, 2012.

Many people know our prepress team as the ‘Quality police’ – the knowledgeable FroQ folks who help you achieve great quality on the printing press.

And that’s true.

As well as being able to see more colours than your average human – or so they claim! – our prepress folks have years of experience in colour management. They know exactly how to build–up a file so that it is perfectly optimised and media–ready.

They know everything there is to know about materials (substrates) and ink and plate technologies too. Their single goal in life is to help the printer perfectly recreate your concept 100% truthfully on your printed package.

Creating stunning visuals is enough to make our clients very happy indeed. But it’s not the full story. Many people underestimate – perhaps even undervalue – the full role of prepress in transforming a fantastic concept into fantastic packaging.

Our prepress team have impacts on quality all the way through the packaging chain. They help shorten cycle times. Improve workflows, help manage costs. They help printers get better results more efficiently – and much more.

But perhaps their biggest value is that great prepress management safeguards quality and consistency right through the brand packaging chain.

Let’s take a closer look.

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