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FroQ Chennai, India: building a team to be proud of

Author: FroQ. Published on 24 February, 2012.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a branch office in India? Are you thinking of it yourself? After almost four years of successful operations in India, we thought we would share our story with you.

Richard Veldhuizen, our operations director, is a lucky man. When he doesn’t hear anything out of the ordinary from our team in Chennai, he knows there are no problems and we have very happy clients. And when Richard does hear from them, it’s most likely because they have found a new way to improve our processes.

That may sound like a million miles away from your typical ‘India, branch office’ story. And it is. But then again, Richard and the Chennai team have worked really hard over the past four years to make things this way.

Today, FroQ Chennai is made up of dedicated Brand teams consisting of traffic managers, graphic operators and graphic specialists

The office has an employee attrition rate of around 10%. That’s as opposed to the more typical 30% in India. Their productivity is great. And FroQ Chennai is as important to the FroQ quality operation as any other FroQ team anywhere in the world.

We grabbed Richard off the shop floor to ask him how he helped shape the Chennai team. He claims that most of it is just common sense. But we think there’s more too it than that.

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