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New tool for old files: brand asset management made easy

Author: FroQ. Published on 21 July, 2011.

Quick, easy and accurate access to brand assets can be very difficult without a strong asset management system in place. Brands can become too reliant on the knowledge of individual people. And that doesn’t make for best asset management practices.

So whenever we start working with a new client, one of the first things we do is gather all the historical data for SKUs across the lines – and find out exactly what file contains what data.

And that’s exactly where we started with HEMA recently when we were commissioned to execute all their Private Brand packaging.

The HEMA range is close to 10.000 SKU’s. And stretches back years. That’s a lot of data. And HEMA needed access to it. We helped HEMA solve their challenge through a combination of data identification and scripting to structure the old files. We then developed a database and portal solution. That portal keeps the HEMA packaging managers completely free from hassle and lets them search the full historical database of old their old files – easily, quickly and accurately.