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漂亮的artwork。每项SKU的固 定价格收费。还有什么不喜欢的吗?


Packaging design execution

We have developed an execution concept which the packaging design sector recognises as the industry standard. A brand owner need only validate a design file once. For you, the significant advantage of our approach means that the execution phase is totally problem free.Packaging design execution


Workflow optimisation

Projects are launched in an optimal manner, with a minimum requirement on the part of the client. The execution will be fully controlled throughout the entire life of the project. A super smart process, reducing the time to market whilst increasing quality, due in part to the substantial reduction in faults. Packaging design workflow optimisation, made to measure for you. Workflow optimisation


Project management

Excellent packaging design project management makes all the difference. And certainly where this concerns projects with a large number of SKUs. Lean project management prevents errors and wastage, adding value to each step in the project. Project management

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