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FroQ cosponsors the Helen Dowling Gala

Author: FroQ. Published on 18 juillet, 2014.

€ 341,712 was raised on Saturday 17 May at the 10th Helen Dowling Gala. This impressive sum is intended for the Helen Dowling Institute (HDI). Every year, the HDI provides psychological care and support for over 1500 cancer patients and their relatives in dealing with the emotional stress surrounding the illness. This is something which is often invisible but is of the weightiest magnitude for the people affected. HDI’s care is met by the basic health insurance, however the payouts often fail to meet the true costs incurred. The gala and the additional fund raising are therefore vital for the HDI. Thanks to FroQ’s contribution and those of the many other sponsors, this turned out to be a great event matched by an equally great amount raised. If you would like to know more about the HID’s fantastic work, have a look at