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Workflow optimisation

Workflow optimisation

Our business philosophy is based on the decoupling of packaging design from packaging design execution. At FroQ we do what we do best: translating the design into a packaging for all SKUs in the product group. This also includes all printing processes.

We manage our services and projects with the support of our in-house designed Workflow Solutions System; a system which is continuously updated, informed by the latest developments in technology and the experience of our project managers. With our inherent craftsmanship and extensive knowledge we are able to remove entirely all our client’s concerns. This guarantees that, with a minimum effort on the part of the client, the projects will get off to an optimal start and further, that maximum control will be exerted and maintained throughout the entire duration of the project and its execution. This results in a super SMART process, reducing the time to market whilst increasing quality, due in part to the substantial reduction in faults. This system for example forces the prior verification of any input, negating the requirement for later adjustments and corrections. It also safeguards consistent brand exposure across all packaging lines.

You can outsource complete packaging design execution projects to us; from concept-check to printing and aftercare. With our unique combination of expertise and a tailor-made FroQ workflow, your products will hit the market a lot faster; hassle-free and with no reduction in quality.

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