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Packaging Design Execution

FroQ Packaging design execution

Our business philosophy is based on the decoupling of packaging design from packaging design execution. At FroQ we do what we do best: translating the design into a packaging for all SKUs in the product group. This also includes all printing processes. We have developed an execution concept which the packaging design sector recognises as the industry standard. A concept which is continuously updated, informed by the latest developments in technology and the experience of our project managers.

The decoupling of creative input from the execution enhances the quality. It is faster, fewer faults are recorded and it delivers a more economical and problem free process for the brand owner. A brand owner need only validate the design file, and once validated we assume full responsibility for the entire execution process.

Since our launch in 2006, we have opened studios in the Netherlands, India, Nicaragua and China. We are located across four consecutive time zones, which means we are able to work on assignments 24/7. Our state-of-the-art studios combined with the facility of our own Workflow Solutions System also enable us to run very high volumes. And all of this is delivered with a 100% accurate result.

We work for clients who outsource the artwork, design finalisation, lithography and the printing supervision to us. We are the Netherlands’ market leader, working with A brands, supermarkets, retailers and private labels, both in the food and non food sectors. We retain over 80 full time packaging design specialists on our staff. The significant advantage of our approach is that in the execution phase we remove all your concerns, leaving you free to concentrate on your own core tasks and responsibilities.


Our prepress managers are experts in the technical possibilities, colours, inks, materials and proofing. Often they will get involved in the design phase; not for their creative input, but rather to help assess whether ideas and designs are technically feasible. They will organise PPMs (pre production meetings) in which the client, the designers, the printer and the prepress manager discuss the designs and the planning. It would not be the first time that our input is added to the design, ensuring the final print truly reflects the approved design. The prepress manager occupies a pivotal role throughout the whole process. In addition to his comprehensive knowledge of materials, he also assesses the Epson colour proofs and where necessary will direct the lithographer and the printer. 

Design finalisation

FroQ will receive the 360ᵒ design and the facing sketches from the designers for execution. Based on the instructions, the packaging manuals and the briefing, together with our own experience, we will complete the design templates. This will provide the source materials for detailing the design up to a working drawing (artwork) and lithograph.

Artwork and Lithography

In executing the packaging design, the artwork process (working drawings process) is all about the fine detailing down to the last millimetre. The designs are then carefully positioned on top of the cutter guide drawing and the per-colour build up decided. The definitive texts and icons are positioned and the EAN code is entered. The approved working drawings are then passed to the lithography department. Here, the images are brought up to the exact colour according to the specific coding supplied by the photographer. This allows the print specific files to be produced. An Epson colour proof is then printed, in house. This print will give a 100% accurate prediction of the final print result. Once approved, the files are sent to the printer to begin the production print runs. Our prepress managers, who are closely involved in every aspect of the process, if required will stand next to the press to support the printer to achieve an end product, true to its original design.

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