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Do not underestimate new labeling rules

Author: FroQ. Published on 4 November, 2013.

New European regulation on nutritional facts as of December 2014.

Great consequenses as labeling of food products needs to be reviewed.

Do not underestimate the new rules for food labeling

The regulation* provides better readability and very detailed information for the customer. This has a huge impact on design, artwork and prepress activities for packaging. December 2014 still seems like a long way off, but in a little over a year all brands and private labels will have to comply to these new regulations.

The changes in a nutshell

The new minimum font size takes up 25% more space on labels. Apart from that, more specific information will have to be placed such as the physical state, origin of vegetable oils and fats. Allergens will have to placed distinctively in the ingredients statement.  On top of that a more extended version of  the Nutritional Facts table will have to be placed in a predetermined sequence. In case of frozen meat or fish, the date on which it was first frozen will also have to be stated. Al the legally required information will have to be easily readable. Packaging items of which the largest printeable surface exceeds 80m2 need a food label with a minimum fontsize of 1,2mm. In case of a smaller surface, a fontsize of 0,9mm will suffice. Apart from the legally required minimum fontsize, the regulations also require different font types for allergens.

Regulations have large consequences

This new way of providing information on food labels will have large consequenses for the commercial impact of products. The required information takes up much more space, not to mention packaging that holds more than one language. All this also affects the way your packaging design department and external partners deal with all this. Extra information needs to be gathered, all designs and source files need to be adjusted along with large numbers of SKU’s.

Two minutes to midnight

As stated before, this law will come in effect on December 13th 2014. The average processing time for developing a packaging item is significant and is also affected by proper packaging design management and a packaging workflow. One little hiccup in any of these processes and you will run out of time before you know it.

Please contact us if you would like to know to which changes your products will be subjected, or if you would like to help your clients to develop a packaging item that holds the proper, legally required information in a timely fashion.

Use our knowledge of these new regulations and our expertise on the consequences for your packaging design, artwork and pre-press activities.

For more information, please contact Mark Dahlhaus

*European regulation EU regulation no.: 1169/2011