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3D Packshots of packaging

Published on 4 November, 2013

It is now possible to receive a 3D packshot immediately after we have delivered the final files to the printer. This means no more waiting for your product to be ready or making photos of a mockup in order to see the final product. The artwork will be digitally rendered in 3D allowing you to

Even the Chinese premier talks packaging

Published on 5 November, 2012

During his visit to the headquarters of Nanda in Kasghar (West China), Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was presented the first carton of milk with the company’s new brand identity. dBOD International and FroQ Brandservices worked closely together on this packaging design project. dBOD International, the award winning Packaging Design Agency, designed both the new Brand

FroQ is “talking packaging” in Nicaragua

Published on 6 August, 2012

UNICIT offers students, amongst others, an international accredited curriculum in Graphic design. Since the establishment of FroQ in Nicaragua we have built up a noted reputation as professional packaging studio. Therefore UNICIT asked FroQ to give a presentation on the Packaging Design process in general and how we handle the international aspect between studios in

New look-and-feel for FroQ packaging design management

Published on 3 April, 2012

FroQ has put on a new jacket! Those of you already familiar with us might have noticed it already while some of you will not have seen the change. We consider the launch of our new website on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 as a preliminary highlight and a considerable change to FroQ’s look-and-feel. We think it feels fresh and elegant and

Everybody Happy? FroQ Customer Satisfaction Survey

Published on 26 March, 2012

Customers are the main asset of a company. At FroQ we wanted to know if our customers are satisfied with our packaging design management and if so, in what way. So we asked Sven to pay them a visit and talk about their customer satisfaction. These conversations were about the relationship, our services and the end

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