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Upcoming new rules for labelling

Author: FroQ. Published on 5 November, 2012.

It might seem far away but in two years time, all producers – A-brands and private labels alike- have to meet the new European Regulation for Food Information.

The provision of Food Information to consumers

This Regulation (official EU Regulation Nr. 1169/2011) is primarily intended to provide consumers with better information. Due to the specific requirements the European Union demands on labelling, the introduction of this Regulation directly affects the design, artwork, and pre-press activities for packaging. Suppliers and vendors – including supermarkets, hypermarkets – should take this into account.

The date of 13 December 2014 is extremely important in regards to this Regulation. The Regulation, published in October 2011, will start in several stages and transitional periods will apply. In December 2014 all packages that already have a nutrition declaration should comply with the new regulation. In order to gather all relevant information in time, to monitor stocks, and when one needs to adjust large quantities of SKUs, it is important to start a packaging management project for food products now.

Consumers want more and better information

The new rules mainly concern better information for consumers. Information on food will soon have to meet new and more comprehensive requirements. Food information should inform better about health aspects, about the way the food is treated and operated, about potential allergens in the product and about the origin of ingredients.

In addition, the legibility of labels needs to be improved. Practically this means more distinctive fonts (bigger and distinctive characters for instance). For many products it applies that the extra information on the labels and the demand for legibility will almost certainly have an impact on the commercial appearance. The labelling will take a lot more out of the available packaging space. This space should be created when (re)designing the packaging.

All requirements for food information are described in a voluminous document; the EU regulation adds up to 69 pages. It describes, for example, how allergens should be listed in the future, what minimum font size should be used and whether you must mention the use of nanomaterial. All these things, and more, are clearly described in the requirements.

Start on time!

We noticed that all this new rules and regulations (will) have a huge impact on top of all the regular activities of a packaging design department. Good packaging design management supported by a packaging workflow makes the process run much smoother.

Do you want to know what adjustments need to be implemented for your products? Or do you want to help your customers starting a well-prepared project in order to get the food information on your packaging in time? We have experts that know new EU Regulation exceptionally well and are able to estimate the consequences for all your packaging design, artwork and prepress activities.

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