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Even the Chinese premier talks packaging

Author: FroQ. Published on 5 November, 2012.

During his visit to the headquarters of Nanda in Kasghar (West China), Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was presented the first carton of milk with the company’s new brand identity. dBOD International and FroQ Brandservices worked closely together on this packaging design project. dBOD International, the award winning Packaging Design Agency, designed both the new Brand Identity as well as the packaging of the Nanda dairy products. FroQ Brandservices signed for the packaging design finalisation and prepress. The powerful and distinctive design uses a four-leaf clover as it’s starting point.

Mr Le Xuan Lin, the president of Nanda, was very proud to present his company and  new Brand Identity to the Chinese Premier.  Next to being an A-Brand dairy company Nanda is also active in farming nuts and fruits. The company manages the entire process from farm to product on ecological and biological basis. dBOD International and FroQ Brandservices will continue their successful cooperation to help Nanda visualize and communicate their unique processes and products on the retail  packaging. The whole event was even broadcasted on Chinese national television. So now the whole of China knows: we are always happy to talk packaging!

Nanda’s new packaging design