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FroQ recently conducted an extensive survey on European Retail

Author: FroQ. Published on 4 November, 2013.

Retail is going through some major changes. E.g. supply chain management is rationalized, cross
channel communication to turn shoppers into consumers, e-commerce and e-tailing are important
issues. But shelf packaging is still seen as an important carrier of the brand and the one that is closest
to the consumer.

As a producer of global artwork and litho for brands in the know, we focused on Private Label and

looked at developments in volume, the organization of the supply chain and the way packaging processes
are organized.

most of the European retailers are focusing on innovation and expansion. Some are already present in
multiple categories where others have ambitious plans to incorporate or extend a Private Label strategy.
Their packaging processes are often (mainly?) very traditional organized.

Differences and similarities
Let’s  focus on the packaging processes. We found a lot of differences in the way this process is organized.
From total control to “let’s see what comes out”. From outsourced to complete in-house studios.
The one thing we found in common in all countries and with all retailers was the concept development.
Each retailer uses outside creative agencies to design concepts for new product lines or new brands. After
that, the processes differ enormously per retailer as well as per country. And most processes to generate packaging are rather traditional.

In a traditional process there is no separation between the creative part and the actual execution. Which
are both very specialized domains. Either the creative agency is producing the artwork and litho or the
artwork is made by the agency and the supplier is responsible for the lithography and printing. And there is some control by either the agency or the brand owner. But brand consistency as well as predictability is low
and result sometimes in nasty surprises when the pack reaches the shelf. Where is that color come from,
what happened to my beautiful image, did we approve this text?
The survey affirms our vision and experience that decoupling creation from execution offers better opportunities for ambitious retailers than the traditional process. 

Your decoupling benefits
The separation between creation and execution means that you involve two highly specialized parties.
On the one side beautiful designs, on the other side a no hassle process that is able to handle high volumes whilst reducing cost and speed up the time to market.
Especially beneficial for Private Label ranges. They are rather large but are only based on one or two
creative concepts. E.g. a range of cookies consists often around 80 SKU’s, based on one design. So in these
cases the balance between creativity and execution is gone.
The survey learned us one thing. Decoupling benefits the process and the brand owner. So our solution was
to set up a process that was completely focused on packaging execution. Based on our roots in packaging
design we set up a process that is able to handle high volumes, maintain “agency” quality and is both faster
and cheaper. At the same time taking away the daily hassle that a brand owner experiences day in day out
when generating packaging.

Are you interested in an irresistible offer?
Time nowadays is perhaps the most precious thing we often are lacking. And time is battling with cost and
time to market.
Especially when you are involved in building a Private Label you need to be able to focus on the one thing
that really matter. Taking away the hassle is perhaps the most eye catching element. Because it enables you
to focus on your core tasks and responsibilities. This combined with low pricing, high speed and outstanding quality is a proposition worth looking into.

If you are interested in our survey or what FroQ can mean for you and your business just drop us an e-mail
or give us a call.

You will be surprised and we are always happy to talk packaging…