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Color Reference Tests

Author: FroQ. Published on 4 November, 2013.

The proof of the pudding is… in the proof

A good and truthful digital proof is essential for print quality. Therefore, we continuously invest in our fleet of proofers. So we have the ultimate technology in color management, riptechnologie and calibration tools in home. A truthful proof can be used in multiple ways.

Reference test for printer

We deliver a reference proof within the given press specifications (printing, minimum point, number of colors, etc.), in such a way that makes it possible for the printer to reach the approved design in press. That is often a puzzle and the reference proof is the visual evidence for both the printer and the client that an optimum result can be reached in print.

Reference Sample of the design file

With a good reference proof of the design file the desired end result is known at an early stage. This predictability on the end result can prevent a lot of disappointment. Therefore, many design agencies ask us already in an early stage for correct color proof. This helps to manage expectations in a realistic way.

Master Files with a brand reference file

More and more will be printed worldwide. Often far away, out of sight of the brand owner. Foreign suppliers are given the opportunity to complete Packaging lines based on a master file independently. That could cause problems since there is not always sufficient knowledge how to tackle technical problems. To help achieve a good and consistent result they are presented the master files with a brand reference proof. This proof contains all relevant colors and brand items in a truthful way. Thus, any supplier, anywhere in the world, can perform the tasks optimally and consistently within the brand guidelines.

Reference test plays a crucial role

The digital reference test plays an essential role in many areas within packaging design. Therefore, we continuously invest in the renewal of our printer park and in the knowledge and skills of our employees. It is our mission to provide you. with the optimum proof regardless if the file was created in Utrecht or Chennai (India) and on any substrate (paper, transparent or silver foil). From our central printer park we operate around the world.