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Printed matter monitoring

Author: FroQ. Published on 4 November, 2013.

Checking printed packaging items ensures a true representation.

On request of a large number of retail customers, FroQ checks the quality of the final printed packaging materials in a procedure where printed samples are checked on several vital points. This process starts as soon as the printing process has finished.

The letter that is sent along with the final print data, requests the printer to send printed samples – pulled at random from the production line- back to FroQ.

The printed samples are checked for quality, correct number of printed colors, applying the correct colors and whether the printed samples match the color reference. Both the client and the printer will receive an extensive report based on the outcome of this procedure. If and when the quality of these samples does not (exactly) match the provided color reference, we will contact the printer to make sure the necessary changes are made to the printing process so that the quality of the printed material will have improved on the next printing run.

The main advantage is the close cooperation between the client, the printer and FroQ to ensure a 100% true representation of the design on the printed material. It ensures that the printer is more alert during the printing process and takes pressure away from the packaging  managing because this procedure ensures the highest possible print quality.

Packaging projects are long and full of pitfalls. Checking printed samples is yet another example of our ultimate goal to develop procedures together with our clients, that ensure the highest possible quality and take away as much strain from the production chain as possible.