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New production manager at FroQ: Niels Biermann

Author: FroQ. Published on 10 July, 2012.

Niels Biermann started at FroQ on the first of june. Niels is production manager and works especially for Albert Heijn but is also available on other packaging projects. Niels brings a wealth of Albert Heijn-experience. He worked at various agencies and has been self-employed for about 20 years. All this time he has been more or less involved in Albert Heijn packaging design. After Niels graduated from the Graphic School in Amsterdam, he went straight to work and through various advertising agencies he found his destination in packaging. Different agencies like dBOD, Milford, and BrandNew brought Niels finally to FroQ.

Nice atmosphere in a cool building
“What I noticed during the first weeks at the FroQ is the nice atmosphere. For now that is the most important. That and the fact that we work in a cool office.”