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New look-and-feel for FroQ packaging design management

Author: FroQ. Published on 3 April, 2012.

FroQ packaging design management - nieuwe look-and-feel

FroQ has put on a new jacket! Those of you already familiar with us might have noticed it already while some of you will not have seen the change. We consider the launch of our new website on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 as a preliminary highlight and a considerable change to FroQ’s look-and-feel. We think it feels fresh and elegant and we hope you do too.

Here at FroQ we recently celebrated our fifth ‘birthday’. We are bursting with ambition and the new website might just be our greatest gift.  The website is orange, blue and green – translated into no less than 5 languages (!) and comprises a completely new layout and design. All elements of our new look-and-feel are present. The frog, our main branding element and logo has been scaled back to a  footprint which loosely translates as a ‘FroQ-ious’ fingerprint. Fresh photography and clear structure make it easier to share knowledge and stories. We intend to utilize the possibilities to there fullest as it suits the way businesses communicate nowadays.

Our main messages to you is this: We are ready to share our expertise and what we want to be for you, our partner and relation, and how we feel we can address the needs of your business. Ready to further advance our knowledge of packaging design, design-finalization, management and execution, and ready to share it with you. Ready to improve our knowledge in the field of artwork, desktop publishing and printing techniques, and ready to pass it on. But above all; ready to show our involvement in these fields of expertise.

Is it that indispensable, this website? At the risk of exaggerating, keeping you up to speed by way of carrier pigeon would be somewhat outdated. Still, we feel the launch of our new website is a new step in our development, not only to our look and feel but bringing us up-to-date in social media and communication advances of this day and age.

Is there anything you would like to hear or see from us? Give us a call or send in an email and let us know.