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Decoupling in packaging design: the background, challenges and benefits

Author: FroQ. Published on 2 March, 2012.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a design manager or marketing services buyer for a supermarket or an owner of your own independent brand, changing the way you work can be hard.

But some things are worth changing for. Such as decoupling.

Simply put, decoupling means splitting the creative aspect of packaging design from the execution and production.

Decoupling allows brand creative agencies to do what they do best: develop great creative concepts that trigger consumers to buy.

And, it allows companies that execute packaging design to do what they do best: execute great brand packaging design concepts; translating creative concept across different SKUs in a line – all the way through to print.

Decoupling gives brand owners more revenue from the point of sale, lower production costs, quicker time to market and better brand quality.

So why aren’t more brand owners doing it?

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